Video Gallery
1977 Elexis Urba Studio Chicago, IL One Man Show
1981 Paul Wagner Galleries Chicago, IL One Man Show
1981 Galerie Elegante Palm Springs, CA Exhibit
1982 Ambassador West Hotel Chicago, IL One Man Show
1983 Palm Springs Museum Palm Springs, CA Exhibit
1984 Sandibrea Galleries Palm Springs, CA One Man Show
1984-1994 Steven Chase & Assoc Rancho Mirage, CA Exhibit and Sales
1984 Morgan Gallery Palm Desert, CA One Man Show
1985 Gilman Galleries Chicago, IL Exhibit
1985 Indigenous Image Gallery Palm Desert, CA One Man Show
1986 Natalini Gallery Chicago, IL One Man Show
1987 Ratlif William Gallery Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1988 & 1989 Montana Moon Gallery Chicago, IL One Man Show
1988 Joe Wilcox Gallery Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1988, 1989 & 1990 Sculpture Walk Sedona, AZ Winner Public
Choice '90
1989 Elite Fine Arts Ltd. Emeryville, CA Exhibit
1990 Soderberg Gallery Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1990 Timeless Desert Gallery Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1990 to present Enchantment Resort Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1991 Bel Air Hotel Bel Air, CA Exhibit
1992, 2000, 2001 Raku Gallery Jerome, CA Exhibit
1994 City of Sedona Council Chambers Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1996 Sedona Art Center Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1995 to present Heart Line Cafe Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1997 Sculpture House & Garden Gallery Carmel, CA Exhibit
1997 Select Art Gallery Sedona, AZ Exhibit
1999 West Valley Museum Phoenix, AZ Exhibit
1999-2002 Arizona Arts Commission Touring U.S. "Ring of Time
1999 Sky Harbor Airport Phoenix, AZ Exhibit
1999,2000 & 2001 Sedona Invitational Sedona, AZ Exhibit
2000 Phoenix Art Institute Phoenix, AZ Exhibit
2001 & 2002 Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, AZ Exhibit
1990 & 1992 Arts and Craftsman Guild Sedona, AZ Guest Speaker
1994 Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ Guest Speaker
1998-2001 Echo Canyon Vineyards Sedona, AZ Created Two Wine Labels
1999 Echo Canyon Vineyards Sedona, AZ 8'x24' Mural
2001 "Jazz on the Rocks" Sedona, AZ Created Poster for 20th Anniversary
Playboy Magazine National 1974
Fine Woodworking Magazine National 1976
Desert Weekly News Rancho Mirage, CA 1983
Desert Image Magazine Palm Springs Museum, Author 1985
Red Rock News Sedona, AZ 1987-2001
Art Gallery International Magazine National 1988
Northern California Home and Gardens California 1989
Arizona Highways Magazine Arizona 1990
Sedona Magazine Sedona, AZ 1990 & 1991
Brentwood Magazine Brentwood, CA 1990
Beverly Hills Magazine Beverly Hills, CA 1991
Weekender News Verde Valley, AZ 1991
Arizona Republic Phoenix, AZ 1991
Art News Sedona, AZ 1993
Arts and Entertainment Guide Sedona, AZ 1993
Valley Guide Phoenix, AZ 1995
Phoenix Home and Gardens Phoenix, AZ 1996
Chicago Sun Times Weekend Chicago, IL 1998
Enchantment Resort News Sedona, AZ 1999
Red Rock Review Sedona, AZ 1999-2001
Phoenix Magazine Phoenix, AZ 2001
Sedona Monthly Magazine Sedona, AZ 2004
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